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  • You should know that radio reaches 96% of all local consumers each week – that’s you too!
  • No other medium keeps up with busy people on the go like radio, in the car, at work and at home.
  • Radio enables you to focus on the best audience to target and grow your business.
  • Radio is intimate, cost effective, and allows you to change your message quickly without the delays of TV or print.
  • 96.5 The Coast is more than just a radio station … we offer digital marketing, display ads, event sponsorships, on-air personality endorsements, and more.
  • Contact us with your idea today.

Are you a Hampton Roads Chamber member? If so you will receive 10% discount on their first advertising/marketing purchase with Sinclair Communications.

​General Sales Manager
Luciana Varverud
Office: (757) 222-2930

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